DJ Envy Gets Clowned On Twitter For Walking Out On Breakfast Club Interview with Desus & Mero

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DJ Envy was not here for Desus And Mero during their ‘The Breakfast Club’ interview… and Twitter wasn’t feeling him either. Envy thought it would be a good idea to check the two for joking about his wife only being interested in him because of his checks.”You owe my wife an apology when you insinuated that she was there for the check.”

Poor Envy was pressed boots!! For a situation that he put his wife in. Bish whet?

Now, this is a man on a show that is literally known for not caring about how people feel about their often ignorant comments. So what makes Envy special? Check out the video below if you haven’t seen it.

Desus & Mero handled this perfectly. They held their composure, apologized and Envy still walked off on his show. His show!!!

So you know they had to clown him on their show and when I tell you they clowned him.

Envy didn’t take this laying down unlike with Erica Mena he had a couple of words for them for not having that same so-called “energy” in his face.
energy” in his face.

This only made this situation worse because Twitter went to task on his ass.

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