“Do You Make Kool-Aid?” Brian Kilmeade asks Harris Faulkner on Fox & Friends

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I’m down to my last two packets off “Red” Kool-Aid and I’m debating if I should just throw it away after the borderline racist comment Brian Kilmeade asks Harris Faulkner on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning.

Maybe Mr. Kilmead didn’t know any better and was just curious on what flavored sugary beverage he should serve to his guest this holiday season.

Harris Faulkner was just trying to show the caucasian gentlemen how to properly cook and season food.

She seemed so confused by the question I can only imagine what was going on in her head or how she should respond. She should’ve asked him how in the hell y’all stole all of these spices from different countries and refuse to use them on any of your food. Das Sad *in my Bella Noches voice* Anyway check out the video below and tell what you think.


What would you have told Brian Kilmeade after he asked if you make Kool-Aid?