Does “Formation” Mark the Start of a New Era for Beyoncé?

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The views and opinions expressed in this post solely belong, to Goodie Proctor


I want to start off by saying that I am in no way, shape, or form a Bey-Hiver. INFACT I get into daily confrontations with friends and colleagues on Facebook concerning my bewilderment when it comes to their outright addiction and soviet soldier-like attitude towards their quote unquote “Queen”, or gods “only begotten daughter”.

imageThat does not mean that I don’t respect the music. “Get me bodied” will definitely be played at my upcoming nuptials, “Drunk and Love” is a song that I’ve tossed my ass around in a circle too, or that I don’t scream out “Bow down Bitches!!!” whenever I enthusiastically find out one of my credit disputes (that I know I did) is accepted by Experian. It just means that I don’t idealize Beyoncé past my intrigue, and love affair with her music. Moreover, no matter what ANYONE tells me I know for damn sure that heffa ain’t birth that baby Blu Ivy….

 Anyway, moving on.

 In the words of Riley Freeman “game recognizes game”, and I give her all the props in the world for being a phenomenal singer, a damn good dancer, and a subpar actress. You also cannot help but admire her for being a savvy businesswoman as well, especially in this day an age where women are still seen as being the lesser compared to their male counterparts. I mean other than Tidal, nothing truly comes to mind when I try to associate “Beyoncé” and “Failure”.

 I even did a google search and the results came back with Michelle Williams!!!!


So that’s why I’m somewhat excited to see her take on the new role as the freedom fighter and revolutionary activist. Because with a record of accomplishments like her, it is hard to imagine her failing in this endeavor as the new and improved Sista Soulja in Giuseppe heels!

 With her super bowl halftime performance, married with the dropping of her video for “Formation“, it really has pushed Beyoncé into a more “adult” like realm for me, one that I hope is going to be geared towards more pressing issues that are affecting the masses.

image Up until now, we have seen Beyoncé sing about having her Bills being paid, Surviving, “Bootylicious” Booty’s, and be balled of the dangers of being Dangerously in Love. Hell, we even have some TMI tea about how Jay-Z like to aim for her gown (and not her face) when he’s finishing doing his business. But I don’t think we’ve ever heard her take a stance on political issues that have to do with the one group of people that seems to idolize, cater, and defend her every move….The Black Community.

 The Carters as a unit have been somewhat silent when it comes to the issues that have been plaguing and harming our community for some time now. I mean they have been definite contributors to the Democratic community, and can attest to helping Obama ran in the black, and youth vote. However, we have never heard them imagetruly speak on topics are issues candidly. However, they are not alone. You do not see Rihanna posting anything about the Black lives matter movement, speaking out about the unfair treatment of Gays in third world countries. You won’t find an article about Kanye West using his celebrity and musical influence to talk about police brutality or how unfair women’s rights are in our country even though he is now associated with one of the biggest girl groups in American, The Kardashian. You do not see people like the Smiths talking about Injustices within the black community unless you count when they don’t win awards given to them by their white acting constituents.  But I’m almost willing to bet my life that they will be up in arms the second Jaden Smith doesn’t get his Victoria secret wings this year…..

 My point is when it comes to issues that affect them personally, or deals with them losing dollars that’s when they seem to get outraged with the way the system works. They do not seem to care about causes that don’t affect their coins.

 When you have white celebrities like Macklemore, Matt McGorry, and presidential hopefuls Bernie Sanders, all of the different racial dominations coming forth and speaking out against injustice against minorities yet you have people of our own community who remain silent due to fear of the monetary imagepersuasion, it really makes you think….. Do they see us in the same light as our fair-skinned foes? Are we good enough to buy into your products, music, or current clothing campaign but not enough to where you will stand up for us and the injustices that plague our everyday lives are communities?

 When it comes to Beyoncé who else other than the gays, collectively rides harder for her very own people? We have literally been the Hebrews to her Moses. So naturally it’s time for her to demand her people to be set free! Though as I stated before I am not a super fan, I would be lying if I said that I didn’t think she would be the perfect person for the job!

 Everything that Beyoncé and her camp does is very calculated, precise, and executed with the type of finest and bravado that makes it look effortless and god-like. So with the debut of a song like “Formation” coupled with a very pro-black movement type feel, is it safe to say that Beyoncé is going to now OFFICIALLY put her POLITICAL VOICE to good use and start speaking up for injustices within the black community, or was the black bride of afro’s and booty shorts only used as a clever ploy to get her name in the news, piss off white folks, and promote her upcoming tour in an effort to further her already flourishing dynasty?

I guess only time will tell….