Dr. Eye Candy Doesn’t Want You To Leave Your Dogs in the Car!

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Browsing around Facebook and run across an ad with this veterinarian who had a message! Dr. Owens out of Henderson, Nevada wanted us to know that it is a misdemeanour to leave your pets in the car. I don’t even live in Nevada or own a dog but I was wide awake for these :29 seconds.

Fun fact of the day with Dr. Owens! Did you know ? #funfact #srauc #hot #car #drowens #photooftheday #summer #pets #healthy

Posted by St. Rose Animal Urgent Care on Thursday, May 19, 2016



Yasssssss Dr. Owens I won’t leave my pets in the car. Matter of fact can I just come and intern for a couple weeks? I don’t know much about animals but I know how to answer the phone  and stare in your face.

You should never leave your dogs in the car, though especially in this heat. I’ve seen people do it in Atlanta and it’s dangerous. What if you get in the store and just so happen to lose track of time. You may forget about your pet and come back to a fine and a deceased furry friend. Things happened but it shouldn’t happen to the point where your dog losing its life.


Will Dr. Owens be your MCM next Monday!?