Drake Shows Out on SNL Leaves Beard at Home

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Drake is everywhere you want to be right now. From his album topping the charts to making his rounds on daytime talk shows and now SNL. This isn’t Drake’s first time on SNL but this is the first time he has left his talent at home. His talent of having his beard. You see a beard is a man’s makeup lol.

Even though he left his beard at home he still tried to make us laugh except for that horrible ass Rihanna impression.

I told you it was bad. I was thinking to myself can Drake really sing or does he just ‘humm’ ?

Yassss!! Black Jeopardy! This was perfect for him lol. That police joke didn’t get too many laughs from the audience… Maybe they didn’t get it or maybe they didn’t want to.

It seems that Drake can be naturally funny! My favorite seems to be the Drake’s Beef. Maybe because it reminds me of how even after demolishing Meek Mill months ago it is still relevant and entertaining. Sorry Meeka.


Hit or Miss? Were the skits funny to you?