Draya Dragged to Hell & Back For Refusing to Sign Son’s Homework

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Draya is tired! She’s sick and tired of being sick and tired of being asked to sign off on some homework for her son. Somebody, please log her out of all social media until she figures it out.

Draya posted a question to Instagram about how she felt about her son’s teacher requiring her to sign off on a speech that he needed to memorize. The teacher wants the parent to sign off that the student is getting help supposedly at least 8 times. Well, Draya says she’s been doing that, but she isn’t interested in continuing to have sign off on the paperwork. Clearly, she has better things to do.

“It’s not my damn homework. But it feels like it.”


At first glance, you would think she was hacked. No way in the hell Draya would take to social media about something like this considering the jokes about her being a bad, parent but no it was her.

Are we surprised at this point? This isn’t Draya’s first run-in with social media about her parenting skills.


Social media dragged her from recess to detention once again, and we are at a lost for words. Check out some of the tweets below.


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