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Et Tu, Brute? | Empire S2 Ep10 RECAP

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Lee Daniels, you did that!!! Empire writers yall did that!!

Jamal might have got Sky Summers pregnant and I’m sure Luscious would be happy if that were true. Luscious saw they way Jamal was caressing Skye and he asked him if he were hitting that. Jamal told him he still in love with the boy pussy.

Hakeem loses Rapper of the Year award to Freda and, to be honest, she deserved it! Hakeem was pressed! Sashayed his ass right on off that couch and cried a river.

Jamal does a Pepsi commercial and I hated every piece of it! Lee Daniels sis you failed on that one, but it’s all good bruh.

Cookie goes to visit some of her old cellmates and she almost had a heart attack when she walked in. Did Cookie get her box ate or Nah? I guess we will find out when the season returns in March. imgres

BooBoo Kitty is not too excited about Rhonda being pregnant with the future heir of the Empire.

Mimi drops a bombshell on Luscious and it’s Camilla. Chhh Camilla pooches on in and Luscious look like he seen his old hairline. Mimi calls a vote on kicking Luscious off the board and they are unsuccessful getting the votes to block it. He has to ask Cookie for some help, so we gone see how that works out.

Hakeem is asked to vote yay or nay on having Luscious gone and he hits them with the “Hell to Naw Naw”. Hakeem has flashbacks of how Luscious has treated him and Camilla is on the sidelines telling him to vote yes.

 Cookie walks in just enough time to spit in Camilla’s face after seeing she had something to do with Hakeem voting no.


We end the episode with Rhonda trying to turn her cheap ass alarm system off only to be pushed down the stairs! Bish who did it? It could’ve been BooBoo Kitty but that would have been too predictable! When the season returns March it’s going to have to do a lot of explaining. Check out my video recap below!


Who do you think pushed “Rhonda takes a tumble” ass down them stairs?