Evelyn Braxton Talks Tamar & Vince’s Domestic Abuse Allegations [VIDEO]

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What were now rumors of domestic abuse are now being confirmed and Momma Evelyn is letting it be known. News of Tamar & Vince having domestic disputes has hit the net recently as you can remember last year police were called a dispute between the two married couple.

The couple is now separated and Tamar has filed for divorce after a 7-year marriage.Evelyn Braxton made an appearance on The Rickey Smiley Show to discuss the situation further and she was completely honest and referred to Vince as a bull with “excited hands”.

Momma Evelyn may have meant good but I’m not sure if this is the best course of action. She did say Tamar is staying with her during this time and is trying to get through it with the support of her family. I was surprised to hear her share so much. A mother’s love is something serious.

Domestic abuse is a serious situation and not everybody is able to get out in some cases. If you know someone who may be experiencing this please check out this article that offers some steps on what to do when confronting the victim.


Do you think Momma Evelyn may have overstepped her reach or she just protecting her daughter?