Ex Destiny’s Child Farrah Franklin Too Broke to Get Out of Jail

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Somebody get Beyoncé on the line or start a GoFundMe so Farrah Franklin can get out of Dekalb County Jail. She has no extra coins to post bond. Lawd.

Farrah was reportedly so drunk that her nose is so red that Santa Clause might hire her for part-time work.

According to cops … Farrah got into an argument with a male friend around 3 AM Thursday outside a gym in DeKalb County, GA. When officers showed up she said she was not ready to go home, and added … “These n***** won’t leave me alone.”

Cops noticed signs of drunkenness — odor of booze, slurred speech and bloodshot eyes — and asked how much she’d been drinking. She fired back, “Not enough.”

Farrah Franklin! Get yourself together! How are you drunk outside a gym at 3 in the morning? I would ask why aren’t you in the studio but we know the answer for that.

She was booked for public intoxication and position of marijuana and not having talent. And still in jail right now. Somebody loan her some money.