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Fashion Forward | Love & Hip Hop Hollywood S2 Ep11

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    Chhhh this episode of Love & Script Hop put me to bed. Next week is the Season finale and I’m ready for this reunion!


Fizz had the nerve to ask Ms. Nikki aka Made In Pakistan baby to be in his video. Nikki declined and this negro turned around and asked Moniece to be in it. Then, why Moniece caught old feelings because he offered her a part-time job? Fizz just wanted to save a little money and get a tax break from hiring someone who hasn’t been employed for longer than 6 months. Check this box teas.


Hazel E gets a text from Teairra Mari saying she about to pooch thru and Hazel nikki-jason-hazel-fight-gossipwelove-gwlmag2@2X-450x270leaves her shoes, nose, and dreams. Hazel didn’t want them hands I’m guessing lol. This might be the around the time Hazel had finished paying off her payday loan and decided to quit the show like she insinuated on twitter sometime this year. She might have just been scared she was gone get baptized again…


The funniest and shadiest ish that happened was when Lil Fizzo pooched over to Nikki and gave her the tea one he and Moniece discussed. I’m losing all respect Fizzo he didn’t have to be dirty like that. Gossiping ass.