“From Family Mascot to the Queen of the Kingdom” Wendy Congratulates Blac Chyna on Having a Baby

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The circus is just getting started. Blac Chyna is now pregnant and now carrying the heir to the Kardashian throne. Whatever throne that is. Congratulations Blac Chyna & Rob you all have set the bar!

Wendy Williams congratulated the couple as well, with a little bit of shade of course.

I’m happy for Blac Chyna as well but I keep asking myself  “When did children start being pawns?” Of course, Blac Chyna & Rob aren’t the only ones to do this. We all know what’s up. None of us are that stupid. I just wonder not that it matters apparently, but do they really have feelings for each other or is this just for show.

Blac Chyna’s Mom must’ve forgotten she had a grandson already…



What do you think? Is this all for the love of money?