Game of Thrones Season 6 Trailer is HERE!

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And now my watch begins!! Yassss Game of Thrones is coming back 4/24/2016 and I have to make sure I pay Xfinity on time and with the right checking account number!

Is John Snow still laying dead to the snow? What in the hell is Cersei Lannister planning? Did they catch Reek and Sansa Stark? Is the Queen of Dragons getting a bath and a hot towel soon?!?! So many  questions and not enough answers! I can not wait! Take a look at the trailer below.

HBO ain’t shit for showing us our boy laying there in the snow like that. Are they not going to clean him up or nothing? Jamie Lannister talks to Cersei about taking everything back from those who took it from them. Karma is a bitch…

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 4.26.08 PMThe great victory that Melisandre saw in the flames clearly didn’t have enough coal because they were all lies. Daenerys has been caught by the Dothraki and in need of some needs clothes ASAP! The High Sparrow is not letting off and will punish the whole city of need be for the crimes that have taken place. Cersei isn’t backing down and said she would choose violence! Her feet hurt and her soul seeks for vengeance.

Brandon Stark has grown up and standing up to what looks to be the King of the White Walkers. So much going on I had to watch the trailer in slow mo! I lost it when they slapped my girl and her blind eyes Arya Stark!

Game of Thrones is set to return to HBO April 24, 2016. Get Ready!