“Get Back I Like Girls” Rich Home Quan Flaunts Fragile Masculinity

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Rich Homie Quan gets into a spat at a struggle club appearance performance last night because a male fan got too close to him. Chhh some of these rappers masculinity so fragile it’s like the booty warrior following them around.

Somebody posted the exchange on Instagram and it seems like it included some shots fired at Young Thug take a look below.

Get back man I like girls ??? rich homie spazzing part 3

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The DJ killing is me with these gunshots LMFAO!! “I don’t like sissies ni**a!” Rich Homie clearly is not featuring men being in his fragile bubble while he is performing. This is the same guy who is cool with Young Thug, though. Well for now after this video below…


Rich Homie mentioned that the guy who was all in his fragile masculine bubble looks like Young Thug. Men like this are not comfortable with their sexuality. However, it doesn’t mean they’re gay well in some cases. I’ve been around men like this and they are same men who later tell me years later they’ve had a crush on me in since high school. This conversation is not so much about the incident but the problem that some men have. Certain rules that men have to agree to. If they do not they’re looked at as not man enough and feminine. Femininity is weak in their eyes, but that’s a subject for another post.

Young Thug had a little shade with a dash of clap back to throw on Twitter.

Grown men who I’m sure must have each others number talking indirectly on social media. Gurl please.


Do you think Rich Homie meant any harm?