Giving Relationship Advice to Someone You’re Attracted To

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There are plenty of times people ask me for some reason relationship advice even though I’ve been single for going on 3 years now. Going back, I think there are many reasons why I’m single. One of the reasons is because I know more than ever what I want. Something real that I can touch and feel and I haven’t ran across that in a minute.

imageEver been in a situation where you find yourself extremely attracted to someone only to be curved? That person who you finally get the courage to ask on a date or tell that you’re interested in and only for them to say “Nah I don’t see you like that”. This has happened to me so much in that last couple of years I’ve decided to discuss it. Rejection is something we all hate and sometimes hard to accept. Probably the main reason why some of us gay men have a hard time approaching other gay men. We would rather just hit them up on Jackd and other apps so if he isn’t interested it won’t hurt as bad.

Nothing is worse than getting rejected and then having them trying to remain cool. We can be friends in most cases. Some of my closest male friends paid me dust. Some don’t even allow you time to grieve though lol. Chile they will reject you and with that same breath ask you for advice on somebody who isn’t interested in them either. image

Well if you’re that person that rejected them for whatever reason. Either you were not attracted to them, or just seen them in a friend type of way all that cute ish. Allow them some time to get over you unless you want them to be bitter and plot against your future relationship.

imageIf you’re the one who has been rejected it’s not the end of the world and it doesn’t mean you’re not attractive. No, I’m not going to say it wasn’t meant to be and all that cute sh*t. They probably didn’t find you cute and they probably just don’t know what the hell they want. It happens to all of us honestly.

The only that bothers me is the fact it seems a lot of us are chasing things that don’t exist. Sometimes we want what we can’t have and the fact that isn’t obtainable makes it, even more, tempting. Some of us grow out of this early and some of us don’t. We start to eventually realize that some things are more important to us than others. Compromise on some things. Figure out what it is that you can’t deal with and the things that you can live with. Nobody is perfect but they may be perfect for you.



Have you ever been put in this type of situation and if so how did you deal with it?