Gladys Knight Chicken & Waffles Raided By Georgia Authorities! Where the Coins At? [VIDEO]

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Another day another dollar not made and will not be received by me at this establishment! Glady Knight Chicken & Waffles has been raided by Georgia authorities! They’re looking for them coins!

According to TMZ authorities came in and kicked out all staff and customers! As I told you all before about my horrible experience at the location on Peachtree street and their horrible customer service. I am not surprised at all!

We’re told agents with the Georgia Dept of Revenue raided all 3 of Knight’s chicken joints Tuesday morning … clearing out customers and ordering employees to leave.

Agents removed computers, files, and the contents from safes.

Gladys’ son — who runs the business — is reportedly at the center of the investigation. It appears authorities believe $1 million may have been inappropriately diverted. TMZ

They might as well just call it quits after this! First y’all failed health inspection now this? Anyway, I’m about to hop on this midnight train to a better restaurant with clean silverware.


Are you surprised and when you be eating at Glady Knight Chicken & Waffles anytime soon?