Gladys Knight’s Chicken & Waffles Serving Dirty Vents & A Fail Health Inspection!

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You better believe it when I say it the first time! Gladys Knight got dust and debris dirty imagewhining on them undercooked chicken & waffles. I talked about my experience there back in December and spoke of how dirty the vents and atmosphere was. I’ve worked in the restaurant industry for years while I was in college and I had some good managers who taught me how to keep a restaurant clean

Ms. Chicken & Waffles was serving mediocre food and now they have failed the health inspection I am not surprised! You will be surprised on how many still stood in the long line just to pay for food that probably had dust particles on it. Missing refrigerator doors, food not kept at the right temperature and the beat goes on.

A 56!!!! 56!!!!! Even when the sign was posted of the failing score people still went in like the two women who said “It was good last time” smh. Who still eats at a restaurant with a failed score? Does she know that the 56 doesn’t mean the food wasn’t good? Ma’am, it means that some of the handlings of food and other things were under standard safe practices. Bless her heart.

You won’t catch me on no midnight train to overpriced chicken and debris. Sorry. Hopefully, they’ll take this message and get it together and revamp but until people stop eating spending money there they’ll still charge extra for lemonade mixed with tea.


Will you be having dust and chicken wings at Glady Knight’s Chicken & Waffles?