GoFundMe An Easy Way to Profit Off Of Sympathy

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Who needs any type of insurance anymore when you can get things paid for with just a click of a button. Not only can you profit off it as well as raise the amount way above what you actually need.

GoFundMe requires no monthly premium just a couple of sentences of what tragedy may have occurred and there you have it. You can ask for donations without looking like you’re begging.

There are some who could really use the help. Nick Cannon donated $1,000.00 to a slain couple who were expecting their first child. That was a tragedy an entire family taken. Then there are some who are not really experiencing that great of a tragedy and just want an easy way out.

I’ve been noticing a lot of GoFundMe’s lately and some of them have me confused because they weren’t actually needed. In many ways, I guess it is cheaper than insurance. Now insurance doesn’t always cover everything. Basically, you get what you pay for.

imageHave you ever wondered where that money goes to and how much they actually needed? Recently I ran across a GoFundMe for a burial for one person and they were asking for $20,000. The average funeral cost is from $7,000 to $10,000 so where is this other money going? I asked this question on Facebook and some of the answers were valid. Some funeral’s can cost that much but for someone who may not have had insurance you need to just get in the ground no disrespect. Doves and a pretty tombstone aren’t always that serious.

Anyone can raise the money there is no oversight. Right now someone could start a GoFundMe for me without my permission and it may not even be for me.

Ask questions. It may come off as rude but “Trust but Verify.” Find out without directly asking. “Did this person have life insurance? If they did imagewhere is the other money going towards? Why is the amount so high? Is this account ran by the immediate family member or friend?”

Unfortunately, we have to ask these questions because these people will try to goop us and if you don’t feel comfortable about it don’t engage.

Some of these individuals are profiting off tragedies that aren’t what they claim. Watch them. It’s your money so make sure it’s going to the right place. To be honest, they need to invest in some insurance every situation doesn’t require a GoFundMe to be made.

Some of us are fighting every day and pull through without a word or a Facebook status. That’s life.


What do you think of the new age insurance GoFundMe?