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Government Rations Trying to Return

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Sit down and have a conversation with people who never had to think about how to pay the car note, lights, rent, gas, and try to have a dollar to buy a .99 cent ice cream for yourself.  Their perspective of life varies much from someone who needs to figure out what will and will not be paid this month but will have to wait until next month. 

Donald Trump, The Colonizer, has made the decision to swap out some of the given food stamps for a low-budget box of food that includes the following: canned meat, powdered milk, and canned fruit and vegetables.

At first, I didn’t know where to go with this or to even respond, but then I thought, we are all so disconnected with reality.  In fact, this idea strengthens how the rich view the poor.

There is a perception that poor people do not work.  They are lazy.  Therefore, they deserve only the bare basic since why should they enjoy life or even a simple thing like selecting food.

How dare those who are receiving food stamps make the decision to have something as basic as the food they actually enjoy.

So, we are to collectively be okay with them receiving unhealthy food that has a shelf life of forever because we collectively think that they don’t deserve the luxury of a real apple.

Whenever I think Trump has reached a new low, he comes along and reaches another low.  This is a low, as it is dehumanizing and humiliating to claim that they don’t deserve the luxury of food that would nourish their bodies without the notion of high sugar or salt intake.

As people rationalized the idea and equating it with Blue Apron’s services, I am even more offended, as these people think that I am dumb.  Let’s Google Blue Apron for those who have not used their services. 

Blue Apron’s headline says, “Fresh Ingredients, Original Recipes Delivered to You.”  The menu and pictures don’t have a canned item in them.  In fact, they have a box full of fresh fruit and vegetables.  In fact, for a family of just two.  This service will cost me $65.94.

Commentators, do not tell me that this will be a Blue Apron service, as Trump is handing out canned meat, pasta, canned fruits, and vegetables with powdered milk.  Nothing in that description is $65.94 per week nor is it gourmet. 

In the age of Trump, let’s call a thing a thing.  This is a proposal for rations.  It is government rations that are ineffective and unhealthy.  We are a nation that should treat even the poorest among us with dignity and respect.  Serving them a box of crap and minimizing their choice with a basic necessity is just insensitive.

We are better than that.