Gun That Killed Trayvon Martin Sold for $120,000, Are We Surprised?

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George Zimmerman the sloth who just can’t seem to go away put the gun that killed Trayvon Martin back up for sale after an unsuccessful attempt. TMZ is reporting that 7 private buyers bidding on the gun and the bid closed on $120,000.

George Zimmerman’s auction for the gun he used to kill Trayvon Martin has closed … and the winning bid topped $120,000.

We’re told roughly 7 verified users participated in the bidding war. Zimmerman has to verify the winner and his or her funds before the sale is finalized. The top bidder is anonymous at this point, due to the auction site’s rules. TMZ

$120,000 for a gun that killed an unarmed black teen? A black teen’s life is not as valuable as the weapon used to kill him/her. What does this say about this say about our country?