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‘Homeless at Howard’ or Nah

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Twitter was ablaze for the last 24 hours after a student by the name of Jawanza Ingram said his housing privileges had been revoked. Who needs to TV when you have twitter 24/7 lol. Knowing me I already knew this wasn’t the whole story. Although the incident is not funny I found it entertaining because a majority of everyone had already started picking sides. Chhh I just didn’t believe that Howard University would be so petty for something so small but there is always 3 sides to a story, your side their side and the TrueTea. Somebody sent a screenshot that alleges shows Jawanza selling drugs on Instagram.

*sips tea*

*sips tea*


Now let’s not act like we don’t or didn’t know a weed  street pharmacist in college, but you have to be discreet when taking on these type of activities. In this day in age, everybody has a voice including myself. Sometimes we can do more harm than good with our voice. If it is true that Mr. Jawanza was selling drugs and that’s what supposedly put him in this situation then he should just move on swiftly professionally as best he can. This situation left Howard University in a bad place cause they can’t discuss students information to the public. I will sit back and continue to watch this story unfold. Y’all tell me what y’all think…

Howard University's President Dr. Wayne A. I. Frederick had this to say.

Howard University’s President Dr. Wayne A. I. Frederick had this to say.