HoverBoards or Life Insurance?

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HoverBoards are the most wanted Christmas present this year and Life Insurance should be too. This is going to offend some, but it’s the truth. GoFundMe is the new insurance and it’s taken over Facebook.

Count right now how many GoFundMe’s you’ve seen this year. How many were for funeral expenses? Insurance can’t replace our loved ones, but it can make the transition less painful.

HoverBoards cost from anywhere from $200 to $600. That’s enough to pay for a policy for a year or two in most cases. It seems now that kids are expected to get expensive gifts for Christmas. Nothing is wrong with giving your child anything… it’s your money. Make sure the priorities you have will contribute to your child’s future. These truth bullets are for those who need to invest in things that are more important.

We need life insurance or, at least, burial insurance. Funerals are expensive and they are not getting cheaper.

 Today, the average North American traditional funeral costs between$7,000 and $10,000. This price range includes the services at the funeral home, burial in a cemetery, and the installation of a headstone. –

Life never goes a 100 percent according to plan and most of us know that. Get Gerber Life, StateFarm & Farmers and get you a quote if you don’t have already. My post isn’t intended to offend anyone, I just with to push some in the right direction.