I Like Drugs & Section 8 B*tch! Big Freedia to Seek Drug Rehab or Biggity Bounce to Prison

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The Queen of Bounce music is trying to secure herself from being sentenced to jail! Big Freedia’s feature on Beyoncé’s hit single ‘Formation‘ is getting him a lot of attention lately. And with great power comes great responsibility as Uncle Ben would say.

Not too long after the song was released news broke that the artist was still receiving government assistance with housing.

Freedia – whose legal name is Freedie Ross Jr. – pled guilty to one count of felony theft of government funds for illegally pocketing Section 8 benefits during the height of her success as a bounce music artist and reality TV star.

The Section 8 money was intended for people making less than $22,000 a year. But Freedia was was raking in the dough from performances, her reality show, merchandising deals and royalties.

In total, Freedia improperly collected $34,849 in Section 8 housing funds, and her lawyer said she’s already begun making restitution payments to the government. –Bossip

Freedia now Ms. Girl you knew better. You on a tv show getting coint up and still holding on to Section 8! To protect herself from biggity bouncing to prison she has agreed to drug rehab. Bossip is reporting that Freedia could spend up to 10 years in prison if she doesn’t keep it together or pay $250,000


‘Big Freedia’ will be returning for it’s 5th season June 8th on! Check out the season 5 trailer below.


The preview got me interested. I might be setting my DVR will you?