“I like to keep the good stuff covered up…” Ayesha Curry Starts Twitter Debate

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Just when you thought “The Curry” family could do no wrong. Ayesha Curry took to twitter late last night to vent her thoughts on women’s trendy fashions lately. To be clear, nothing she said seemed offensive but this is Twitter we’re talking about.



Chhh it didn’t take long before Full Time Feminist Twitter-activated! They were not happy about her using the phrase “good stuff”.

Not everybody on Twitter was upset about what she said. Some were proud a woman was strong enough to go against the grain.

Some of the tweets made me think, but there were some that had me screaming!



In conclusion, they are some women that want to cover up for their man and a future mate. They are also women who prefer to stay at home with their kids rather than work. In 2015, we all have choices but when you’re a public figure with a platform sometimes it’s difficult having an opinion. Women should be respected if they cover the goods or not and so should Ayesha Curry’s opinion.


What do you think about Ayesha Curry’s tweets? Did it touch your spirit or left you unbothered?