“If I Win the Lottery I’m gone” You Ain’t Gone Win Sh*t

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You ain’t finna win shit. Take that little money in invest in your future.

All this week I’ve been hearing about the lottery and everybody’s pipe dream on what they would do if they win it. The more I pay attention to this world the more I want to leave. We are easily distracted by the smallest things. I hate to be the rain on your parade but the math just doesn’t add up on you winning so why play?


It makes us feel good! It makes some of us feel like we have a chance to do better or pull us out of poverty. A false sense of hope.

I did a little reading on the actual numbers on the chances of winning and ran across the paper written by Aaron Abrams and Skip Garibaldi the wrote the following

…lottery operators are running a business, and we can assume they have set up the game so that they make money. If they make money, they must be paying out less than they are taking in; so on average, the ticket buyer loses money-Finding Good Bets in the Lottery, and Why You Shouldn’t Take Them

No business in their right mind would just give away money. Think about how many people purchase tickets.

Your chances of winning the lottery are 1 in 45 Million. You have a higher chances of being struck by lightening than winning the lottery. Yet, some of us are still hopeful that we should play just in case.

We have the potential for so much but sometimes we are blinded by our on greed. I was moved so much to discuss this that I did a full video on it. Check it out below and tell me what you think.



What do you think of the lottery system? Am I thinking too much?