Iggy Azalea Breaks Up with Nick Young

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Australian rapper with a down south accent Iggy Azaela said she has tried to work it out with Nick and now has given up. I don’t blame her.

After a video was leaked of her then-fiance Nick telling his teammate of his relationship with a younger girl sh*t hit the fan. Iggy said she has had enough of black men and is hopping on the fastest kangaroo to get to Australia. She was offered a seat on Australia’s version of  ‘The Voice’. Iggy shouldn’t in my opinion taken this job she’s at the top of her career. One can only guess that the stress was just too much for her.

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Go head Iggy leave this bullshit relationship and your southern accent with your head held high. Nick must’ve gotten word quick! He changed his relationship status on Twitter with the quickness and I didn’t even know you could do that on Twitter!

Bloooooop! Welp, hopefully, both of them can move on with their lives.




Do you think Iggy made a good decision to leave Nick?