“I’m not attacking your looks I’m attacking your skin!” RHOA Reunion Trailer!

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HELP!! HELP!!! The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 8 is coming to an end but the reunion is just getting started. By the looks of the trailer, everything that we want to happen is happening!

NeNe questions if Kim Fields is a good fit for the housewives which we’ve all asked ourselves but she has held her on. Kim didn’t look like a good fit at first until she stood her ground.

But what had us screaming is when Kenya Moore told Phaedra that she was attacking her looks and Phaedra kindly said she was attacking her skin…


Kenya finally has a man on the couch yasss! And it looks like he had her back when Chris (Kim’s husband) asked who called him Chrissy behind his back. Let’s see how that goes!

Todd finally had a chance to gather Phaedra as well and I’m not even sure if she has a comeback for that! “How you know everything that Todd is doing but know nothing about what Apollo was doing.” BLOOOP


Are we ready for the reunion or are we just ready for the season to end period?