“Independence Day: Resurgence” Trailer!

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Independence Day came out in 1996 and it scared the shit out of me back then! My uncle was watching it on a Sunday night while my parents were out of town and I could not sleep. Chile I was scared the coat in my closet was looking like it was about to grab my throat and talk through me.

The first film changed the game and set records back in 96! They’re back even though Will Smith isn’t lol. The trailer looks awesome! It seems as though the war was never truly over and we still have been battling them for over 20 years.

Check it the official trailer below!

Looks like they have some of the old cast too. We even see the booty eating bandit Vivica Foxx with a lab coat. She finally graduated from Everest! Yesss


Will you be seeing Independence Day: Resurgence next summer?