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Is JustinJ Irrelevant?

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Lately, I’ve had to endure video’s about me and I’ve been silent. It’s a part of the game and if I can dish it I can most certainly take it. Some things I will not tolerate, however. I’ve let them have their fun and now it’s my turn.

I’ve been called irrelevant and cocky which both are nowhere near true. How am I irrelevant but the very mention of my name subliminally or my brand creates buzz and views? As far me being cocky is laughable. I have spoken to several of my imagesupporters personally. I receive emails every week that I try to respond to in a timely matter. I hate to even utter the word “fan” because I don’t consider myself that important. The Jays have helped me go from the park bench to Buckhead with their support and keeping me motivated. A person who never is afraid to discuss financial or personal issues. Someone who will give anyone the shirt off their back for somebody in need. Never have you ever heard me say that I don’t care about your opinion or my brand. Money doesn’t motivate me. My supporters do.

The truth is no matter how much I go off or curse or drag there is always a message in my videos. People who watch me have stopped me at the grocery store while wearing sweats and a backwards hairline and I still spoke and had a conversation with them. My supporters have made it possible for me to continue to grow. I’ve let this narrative go on that I’m difficult to work with or that I like drama. Far from the truth, I like professionalism and I like growth. Viewers are bored easily and if they don’t see growth or appreciation they will move on swiftly & professionally. They will not wait on you to grow, you have to show that you want to grow.


The Main Event ATL was created for me to step out of the box and to do something different for a change. It was never to make anyone feel any type of way. I wouldn’t know if I could pull something off until I tried and believe in myself first. A year ago I had a meet and greet in Atlanta at Yardhouse where I met some really nice people. 30 to 40 people showed up and that made little old me feel confident. Quality over quantity any day. Those people who believed in me enough to travel from different parts of the country told me a lot. It taught me that I have a voice and people listen.

That means I have to be mindful and use it for good. Which is why next week I’ll be in attendance to the 2016 YBGLI (Young Black Gay Leadership Initiative) summit in Baton Rouge. I will not be paid for the event and my travel comes out of my pocket. They will pay me with knowledge so that I can then take this to those who follow me and educate them.

I’ll be broke, messy and irrelevant in your eyes. As long as the people who support and appreciate me that’s all that matters. Thank you Jays for always believing in me. You all are very much relevant to me. Thank you for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself.


For your enjoyment, I did go in. Take a look below and grab your headphones.