Is Kandi Trying to Cover Up Not Paying Ex-Employee?

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Ms. Boss Lady herself seems to be trying to set up her own scheme! Lol Well, not a scheme that Todd set up but it might be some other bs. The Jasmine Brand is reporting that Kandi Burrus is trying to keep court documents sealed about her settling a lawsuit with her ex-employee Johnnie Winston III. You remember him? Probably not.

Last season on Real Housewives of Atlanta Johnni Winston III went to Phaedra Parks for legal advice on pursuing legal action against Kandi.

It was reported that he was suing his former boss for $168,000, he allegedly worked for Kandi from August 2013 until February of 2016 and was let go. Johnnie claims he sometimes worked over 40 hours a week with no overtime pay and was never compensated.

In an exclusive obtained by The Jasmine Brand Kandi says her reputation is on the line and she needs the documents to remain sealed!

Kandi says there is a real threat to her professional reputation and business interests if the settlement is made public, pointing out the lawsuit has already caused not only embarrassment and defamatory statements to be written about her as a businesswoman, but it has caused business and economic harm. Kandi explains she has been labeled “Boss from Hell” as a result of the litigation. via The Jasmine Brand

Ms. Burruss-Tucker’s business and professional reputation should not suffer here simply based on Burruss-Tucker’s celebrity status because the Parties’ have found that settling the matter will be less of a nuisance and drain on personal, and the Court’s resources, than continued litigation.


Does Kandi not remember when she was being petty last year to him? Roll the footage.


So far the judge has not made a decision but we will keep you updated.


But it seems as though Johnnie is happy about something.



Do you think the documents should be sealed or should we get a peep into how Kandi allegedly pays or doesn’t pay her employees?