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Janet Hubert Reads Jada Pinkett Smith Over Oscar Boycott! Either Way The Oscars Ain’t Featuring People of Color!

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The Oscars dropped their nominations for 2016 and not one black person was nominated. Even with movies like Creed, Straight Outta Compton, and Concussion they still thought it wasn’t good enough to be nominated for “their” award.

Jada Pinkett came out and tried to rally the troops in a Facebook video saying we should band together. Watch below.

I agreed with Jada but I had to give her the side eye a little bit because of the timing. I wasn’t the only one side-eyeing her. Chile Janet Hubert the first Aunt Viv read her ass something series in comic book style! Watch video below.


BABY!!! Aunt Viv got me hollering!! The Oscar Mayer Weiner comment took me out!!

Both of the ladies bring up good points. It’s just both of their timing are bad and I can’t take it at full value. It was so much that I decided to do a video on it. Check it out below.




Who makes the most sense? Take out everything else about them and just listen to their points. Who do you agree with?