Jhene Aiko Responds To Rumors of Big Sean Break Up

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For a second some us thought Jhene Aiko was going to have to cut her arm off after rumors hit the web about a possible break up. The Jasmine Brand reported that a source told them that Big Sean was creeping with Nicole Scherzinger.

The Jasmine Brand received a tip that Big Sean was booed up with Nicole during an Oscar after-party and Jhene was livid.

When the rumor first hit the net we checked to see if Jhene was following Big Sean on Instagram and she wasn’t at the time. She is now.


Big Sean chimed on a little bit…

Something smells fishy. It’s not a direct response to the actual rumor just a tweet. Unfollowing may seem petty and small but it means a lot when you have an audience as big as theirs.


In my opinion, I think something happened not sure what it was but it was something. They can hire Olivia Pope all they want but there was some tea to the rumors.



Do you think Big Sean and Nicole did something or is it just rumors?