K.Michelle Swiftly Gathers Angela Yee Live on Breakfast Club [VIDEO]

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K.Michelle sat down with The Breakfast Club to promote her new album More Issues Than Vogue and to clear up some things. During the interview, she turned and cocked that neck and spoke face to face to Angela Yee about a part she played during an interview with Uncle Murda and Maino. Angela said she didn’t even know who Uncle Murda was but that wasn’t enough for K.

“What I am going to say to you Angela is that you are a woman, I have been very supportive of you and encouraging of you; the interview was over and the credits were rolling and you brought that back up” K. Michelle said, “No woman wants a body. I know you want ratings but  as a woman you should have known better and at the end of the day I’m not f*cking with you.”

K revealed that she has somewhat of a personal relationship with Angela and that she was at her listening party. Now, let’s fact check real quick. Angela Yee did, in fact, bring up K.Michelle in the interview with Uncle MurdScreen Shot 2016-03-29 at 6.02.20 PMa the day before her album release. Starting at 19:20 Angela said: “Wait, hold on you did say something about K.Michelle.” Uncle Murda commented on that he had an encounter with her and that her hot pocket smelled like hot fish.

Say what you want about K.Michelle but she had every right to gather Poor Angela Yee. K.Michelle said that she hardly ever gets a chance to enjoy an album release without unnecessary drama. She also shared that the label was nervous that she was going to fire back and the tone would change to drama instead of the music.

You could’ve heard a pin drop in Angela’s thoughts! K gathered her professionally she didn’t have shit to say. K.Michelle is a tough outspoken woman so whatever happens to her is her fault no matter what the situation is. Reminds me of myself so I can definitely relate.

K.Michelle album More Issues Than Vogue is available on iTunes and in stores now and I’m hearing a lot of good things about it. Even from people who aren’t a fan of hers.