Kanye West’s Powerful Speech on Ellen Will Motivate You & Leave You Confused

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Kanye West appeared on Ellen in one of the most intriguing but weirdest non-interviews we have ever seen.

Kanye wants to change the world and he says he needs resources and money to do so. He wants to work with clothing companies by using his ideas to create better products. Helping companies like Payless so we can possibly stop kids from being bullied. Ye also talked about his parents. His father was just living in homeless shelters less than 5 years ago and his mother was the first African-American female English Department Chair at Chicago State Univerisity.

“What’s the point of thinking.” Kanye’s mind is so complex I bet it never rests.





There is no doubt that Kanye is intelligent. Intelligent and passionate. I was impressed when he said “It ain’t no joke.” referring to this year’s Oscars wrapped around the like of diversity. I also felt the same. It isn’t a joke.

Chile Ellen was serving confused white lady face during the whole monologue.

When Ellen moved on towards the conversation about his children North & Saint West things changed. From a full conversation to a one-word text message.

Personally for me. I sometimes have a hard time believing that their relationship is real. I think Kanye thought he needed her to validate him and make him more successful. Not saying he needed it but you can clearly tell from some of the things he said about Amber Rose. “Kim made me take 30 showers before I got with her.” comment still has me confused.

Maybe Ye doesn’t like talking bringing his kids out to the spotlight which is perfectly acceptable. It’s just funny watching how his mood changed when Ellen brought it up.


What do you think of Kanye’s passionate speech about making the world a better place with resources and white folk’s money?