Kanye’s Beef with Wiz Khalifa Gets Messy on Twitter! & Amber Rose Chimes In!

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Kanye West is Queen Petty and I love it! His beef with Wiz Khalifa blew all the way up on twitter today! Kanye leaked a diss track that is supposed to be directed towards Amber Rose.

“My ex-said she gave me the best years of her life, I saw a recent picture of her, guess she was right.”


Baby, I don’t care what anybody says Kanye misses Amber Rose! As much as he wants to play like he isn’t bothered he is. Both of them deserve each other.

Things got worse when Kanye changed the title of his album from “Swish” to “Wavy” and Wiz wasn’t here for it.


I didn’t know what the Wave was and still not completely sure. It has something to do with a rapper named Max B who is in prison and Wiz felt like he wasn’t paying homage to the original.




Let’s just say Kanye didn’t take what he believed to be shade towards Kim Kardashian well. He tweeted and later deleted  17 reasons why not to try him or his wife.

Kanye 3

Kanye 1

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Kanye 5


But Amber Rose had a little time for Kanye…




Well, I guess Amber wants us to know that Kanye likes a little pleasure in certain areas.

Something is telling me that this won’t be the end of this feud. At this point, I just want Amber to just go ahead and spill the tea in a book or something because she keeps popping off. If Kanye liked getting his ass licked and played with, Amber you did it. Chh this ish is a mess.

Do you think Kanye likes getting his hole played with or does Amber need something to stay relevant?