Karrine Steffans Blasts Columbus Short for Cheating Just Days After Boasting About Their Relationship! Guh Please

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imageHow in the hell do you boast about your loving relationship and then 4 days later blast the man for cheating on you? Karrine Steffans aka SupaHead was in a loving Instagram relationship with Colombus Short until she found out he was cheating. So what did she do next, well she took to Instagram to blast him for the no good dude he was. Did she magically find out he was cheating and then decide to blast it or did she have a hunch and did some investigating? Sounds like a Love & Hip Hop episode.


You okay @officialcshort?

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Karrine slung his shit throughout that… hold up… where in the hell are they at anyway?? I can’t tell if they’re staying in an empty Laquinta Inn or are they sleeping on a mattress on the floor like Tara & Peter. Columbus chilling like he’s waiting to speak to a financial aid counselor about his grades last semester. Fix it Jesus. But wasn’t it all just good about 4 days ago?




I guess Columbus last name means Short relationships. Everything that glitters isn’t gold. What’s understood needs no understanding. If I’m in a good relationship and happy I don’t need to tell Instagram every day unless I have something to prove… She had a lot to prove and she proved to us that she is a damn fool.

Columbus had something to say about him being homeless. He said this ain’t the first time he had to fuck for somewhere to lay his head.

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He hasn’t been the same since they gave him the boot off of Scandal. Where is Olivia Pope when you need her. Can she give him a former associate rate to get his life back on track.


Should Karrine & Columbus just go ahead and head to Love & Hip Hop Hollywood?