Katt Williams Arrested Again!! WTF is Going on Pimp?

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Pimp in distress! Comedian down! In a series of unfortunate events, Katt Williams is having the worse week ever! TMZ is reporting while police were serving a search warrant they found weed talent and weapons in his Georgia residence. What is going on and what is his problem? After recent backhanded comments, he made about fellow comedian Kevin Hart I’m not sure what to think of him anymore. Not the biggest Kevin Hart fan but there is no question he is doing the damn thing. Katt is doing everything else and we’re not sure where it’s going.

One of his bodyguards Corey Dixon is accusing him of threatening him not too long ago.

“It’s our understanding that Mr. Williams was encouraging our victim, Mr. Dixon, to engage in some criminal activity in the Atlanta area,” Bailes told Channel 2 Action News.

What type of criminal activity I wonder… There are also reports that he was jumped at a Beanie Sigel concert. Chile Katt needs to find something to do besides fellow cockatoo Hazel E. He, of course, took to his trap phone to address the problems.

Whatever demons Katt Williams is snorting up his nose I want no parts of it. Whatever shit they are shoving in his weed needs to be sent back to Gullah Gullah Island. I seriously doubt that was Gatorade in that bottle.


Will you be saying a little prayer for Katt Williams tonight?