Kenya Moore Questions Kim’s Husband Sexuality in ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Mid Season Trailer

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Chile! Y’all knew this ish was coming! It was only a matter of time and who else would take the bait other than Kenya Moore.

imageKenya starts the conversation off with “I know y’all have heard the rumors.” That’s all it took for the ladies to start giving their 2 cents on it. The mess got stirred even more when Sheree tells Kim what was said.

Although the ish was funny I felt like she was wrong for bringing it up. I had already heard word around Atlanta that it would be brought up eventually I just wasn’t sure by who or how.

NeNe also returns and is feeling herself quite a bit in the confessional. NeNe had said in so many ways that she was done with these girls period but came back with the quickness. Girl you talk as if you were gone a whole season. NeNe knows that Real Housewives of Atlanta is her money maker and her biggest platform. Hollywood ain’t checking for her that damn much.

Anyway, check out the trailer below.

Finally some excitement cause they last couple of episodes have been a snoozefest!


What do you think of Kenya questioning Kim’s husband sexuality?