Is Kenya’s ‘Moore Manor’ Up For Auction? Fulton County Taxes Think So…

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Moore Manor might be up for auction in the next week or so if Kenya Moore doesn’t pay it!

Facebook user F Murray Ford was browsing the net and ran across the infamous Moore Manor being up for auction for none payment on taxes.

He provided receipts but without checking anyone could photoshop some documents to try to embarrass the former Miss America or Miss USA. Over at KingofReads we believe in “trust but verify” and we did.

A couple of searches did show that Mrs. Moore-Daly hasn’t paid the taxes.

Well, there is a tax credit, but it isn’t enough to pay the full balance of almost $7,000.00.

To Kenya’s defense, she did say she was ready to move out of Mold Moore Manor. She says ghosts are present in her current place, and the ghost she is referring to is her ex Matt Jordan.


We don’t think Kenya will be on the Broken & Homeless Tour anytime soon but is it kind of odd for her not to pay taxes on a house she supposedly living in.



Do you think Kenya purposely didn’t pay the taxes or she waiting for her new husband cut the check!