Kevin Gates Gets 6 Months For Spinning Flying Kicking A Female Fan

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Kevin Gates the newest unlocked Street Fighter character was sentenced by a judge to jail for 6 months for kicking a fan back in August of last year. The incident took place at a performance at a nightclub in Lakeland, Florida.

Kevin pleaded not guilty and argued that it was self-defense in the stand your ground law. You read that right. The same law that infamous George Zimmerman argued when he killed the unarmed teenager Travon Martin. But Gates didn’t get the same results.
via TMZ

The rapper was found guilty of battery in the 2015 incident during a Florida club gig. The judge sentenced him to 180 days in Polk County Jail, and he was immediately taken into custody.


I wonder how are his fellow inmates are going to feel knowing they have a certified cake muncher in the mix. Sounds like an episode of Boondocks to me.


Do you think Kevin Gates should’ve had a shorter sentencing?