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Of Kings and Queens | Love & Hip Hop Atlanta S5 Ep1 RECAP

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Yes!! Mimi has found her a stud! Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is back and not to my surprise Mimi Faust is a lesbian this season. But for how long? I guess she wants to play into the stereotype that after a woman is treated so bad by men they turn gay. Chile a mess.

IMG_3403Jessica Dime needs to fire her wig maker because she looked like a ghetto ass Peggy Bundy from Married with Children. Never in my life have I seen so much hair in one place. Was her wig about to come down to her face and make a beard too?

Karlie Redd is still messy but she might have met somebody who is messier than her. Tommie who supposedly in a relationship with Scrapp but the mother of his son doesn’t know he’s in a relationship. How Sway?We can guess that drinks will be flying across the table this season.

The first episode didn’t feature some of our favorites. Stevie J & Joseline were a no show and neither was K. Michelle but I’m sure we most definitely will see them next week. Check out my video RECAP below.


Do you think Mimi is gay for pay? Meaning she’s with Chris for a storyline this season?