Lauryn Hill Been Late Since Creation! Singer Arrives Two Hours Late to Atlanta Show

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Chile is this even news? Lauryn Hill arrived 2 hours late to an Atlanta show and twitter lost its mind! At this point are we even surprised? Now I ain’t gone drag my girl too bad. Lauryn hold’s a special place in my heart for helping me be comfortable with myself in middle school. But.., Ma’am….

Ms. Hill is late paying her taxes and has been reported to be late to numerous other shows so what’s tea, sis?

One fan was bold enough to tell her to her face and her response was priceless.

You just lost one. It’s so silly how come. You might not have lost that fan but Ms. Hill you can’t continue to do this to your fans. Since the show started late they say she only performed for 40 minutes.

I’m not sure who is more responsible. The people who continue to think she will be on time or Ms. Hill.


Are we surprised?