Law Enforcement Source Says Prince Died of Opioid OverDose

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What so many of us didn’t want to believe could be true.

A law enforcement source told The Associated Press that Prince cause of death was due to an opioid overdose.

An official working with the investigation spoke with the AP confirmed a lot of what was already suspected.

Dr. Michael Todd Schulenberg, a family practitioner, treated Prince twice in the weeks before his death and told investigators he prescribed medications for the singer. The medications were not specified in a search warrant for the Minnesota hospital that employed Schulenberg at the time.

Schulenberg saw Prince April 7 and April 20 — the day before his death — according to the warrant. Schulenberg’s attorney has declined to comment on the case.

Dr. Howard Kornfeld, a California addiction specialist, was asked by Prince’s representatives on April 20 to help the singer.-AP

Sad news. Let this be a message to artists and others who are suffering from some form of addiction. Get help before it’s too late.

Prince was found dead at age 57.