Lean Reportedly Had Lil Wayne Leaning Over to the Left & Having Seizures

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Lil Wayne was leaning over to the left reportedly after sipping on cups of lean the night before the seizures landed him in the hospital according to TMZ. If we can remember this isn’t Lil Wayne’s first time have a seizure and being rushed to the hospital but apparently he refuses to lay off of certain unprescribed medications.

We’re told Weezy was cruising around with five 16 oz bottles of Promethazine/Codeine syrup during his club appearance in Milwaukee over the weekend … with one onlooker telling us Wayne downed 3 bottles just by himself.-TMZ

Lil Wayne was hospitalized after having multiple seizures on his private jet. This story sounds familiar doesn’t it? Seems like we’re going to stop losing celebs to opioids to promethazine and alcohol.  Is anybody learning from others mistakes anymore?

Let these rappers continue to tell you they’re sipping on lean but forget to tell you how they almost slipped into a coma. Lil Wayne said he doesn’t drink it anymore but other stories conflict with that. He could have been sipping on Diet Coke for all we know.

Lil Wayne is fine and is stable conditions let’s just hope he learns that he is getting older and that he needs to treat his body right.


When you first heard the news of Lil Wayne having a seizure what was your immediate thought?