Leave Stacey Dash Wilted Lettuce Looking A** In 2015!

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Listen I am sick of hearing about Stacey Dash. Sick of it! She is high off of Bill O’Reilly’s piss and we should pay her ass no mind.

Stacey knows exactly what she is doing and she is following in Raven Symone’s footsteps straight to every continent in every Africa. Raven trolled us and trolled us and she ended up with a permanent hosting position on The View. If you’re wondering what happened to make her relevant. She made some comments on The Oscars take a look at the video below.

She had to nerve to get on Fox News and say there shouldn’t be a Black History Month and even a BET. At this point, I have realized that she is playing us and I will be damned if I give her any more attention after this.

imageWhat’s really funny is that Fox News knows exactly what she is going to say that’s what they invite her silly ass on. Stacey has no political background she is just a black woman that hates her skin and black people and they know that. Fox News hires ignorant folks like her to tap dance to what they want her to say.

Stacey you ain’t fooling nobody I know you go home and cry to yourself at night. You have fallen into being a certified coon fool and don’t know where to go. You’re stuck like God trying to find out who created you. Just lost. Normally I respect people’s opinion but yours is rooted in so much evil that I can’t do anything but rebuke you and throw Lawry’s season salt on you.

BET isn’t even featuring you anymore and they want their money back.


YASSSSSSS BET DRAG HER!!! This is the BET I wanna see! Funny and trending! Black people have soooooooo much talent and when we give it to the right people the possibilities are endless!

I’m not featuring Stacey and neither should you. Pay that hoe dust! *in my Funky Dineva voice*




What words do you have for this delusional no seasoning having ignorant fool?