Life Received! Oprah Winfrey Gives Powerful Speech After Being Honored with Cecil B. deMille Award

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Oprah Winfrey just gave the acceptance speech of a lifetime after being the first black woman to be honored with Cecil N. deMille award in 2018. The award was created back in 1952  to honor filmmaker Cecil.B. deMille and his many contributions.

The first woman to receive the award was Judy Garland in 1962 ten years after the award was established. 50 years have passed and now a black woman is honored with the award. In 2018? Can you believe that?

Not to get choked up over white acceptance but it was good for Oprah Winfrey and she ended the night with an acceptance speech that gave many presidential teas. Host Seth Meyers even joked about the possibility of Winfrey 2020? Anything is possible right?

The speech sent shockwaves to Hollywood for good reasons…diversity and years of unheard voices of women accusing men in Hollywood of sexual misconduct & harassment.

Get empowered and check out the powerful speech below.

I felt that in my spirit. Thank you, Queen Mother. She continued her speech backstage and continued the conversation.


We don’t deserve Oprah.