Loni Not Feeling the Love! Speaks Out on Tamar & ‘The Real’

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Loni Love is not feeling the love lately. After Tamar posted to Instagram that she was stabbed in the back hours before we found out she was fired from ‘The Real’. Everyone is trying to figure out who she was referring to. That magnifying glass landed right on Love and she was tired of being burned and decided to speak out.

Love has been harassed so bad on social media that she locked up her Instagram. The interview with Wendy Williams didn’t make things better. Although it was taped before the news broke. Wendy spoke on the Tamar being fired Monday and said that she believed Loni had something to do with it.

Loni said she did not know anything about Tamar being fired until she received a text from her that Saturday. She was blindsided. Wendy was just being Wendy. Which is just being messy and entertaining part of why her show is doing so well.

Love recorded a 6-minute video trying her best to stop the attacks on her social media. The video could possibly get her in trouble with production and she said so in the video.

Loni Luv trying her best to calm things down. Further making herself look guilty. Just be quiet boo

Posted by Justinj1232 on Tuesday, May 24, 2016

LONI! Leave that mess alone! Worry about your job! Put on your oxygen mask first! Secure yourself and make sure your bills are paid. Tamar’s former assistant isn’t making things any better with dragging Loni and saying she wasn’t a true friend. Love doesn’t have that much clout to get her off ‘The Real’. Tamar did that to herself and she is the only one responsible for her image and brand.



Do we believe Loni had nothing to do with Tamar being let go? Or is she guilty by stumbling all over her words in the video?