Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Karen King Asks for Coins for Sas’s GoFundMe on Instagram

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Karen King and her daughter might want to find another way to raise money for Sas’s surgery because no one seems to be interested. Sas was shot in the head earlier this week and is recovering in the hospital. He is expected to survive the bullet in the back of his head but surviving these hospital bills is another story.

Bullet in the bacc of my head they said Ima be aight tho #PRAY4ME #PRAISEBETOALLAH

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Karen King is now asking for $50,000 yes ma’am 50k for surgery expenses. Karen King after being arrested for fraud and shoplifting is expecting everyone else to take up the hospital bill for her son. So far the GoFundMe has only raised a minuscule $40.

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She might as well cash out and head to for a 2 for $20 at Applebee’s. After seeing Karen pooch around Love & Hip Hop Atlanta this season with a disabled dog in her arm. I’m quite confused on why her son didn’t have any health insurance. Is that what you all do on these televisions shows?

GoFundMe is not insurance but it is helpful but you have to make sure you do your part.

Donate if you wish. I wish Sas the best, though. Here is the link *Sas Surgery Fund*



Are you donating money to Sas’s surgery or are you scared she might collect your credit card info and coin?