Man Pulls Gun Out on ‘Gay’ Man and Tweets the Video “I Hate Gay Niggas” [VIDEO]

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I watched a video of a man being harassed with a gun last night because his pants were too tight and the individual thought he was gay. A man who was just leaving the local corner store in Detroit, Michigan was targeted because of his sexuality. The person with the gun had no way of knowing he was gay. He judged him based on his pants being “too tight”. What year is it again?

This is what gay black men, like myself, have to worry about when we are in certain neighborhoods and places surrounded by cishet black men who feel our rights are not as important as theirs. Ask many black gay men do they fear this will happen to them, and they will say yes.

This individual was so distraught by the clothing that a ‘gay’ man wore it made him pull out a gun and threaten him. A pair of pants made you that mad? The hate in this man’s voice as he says things like “Bruh gay as hell. Dick in the booty ass boy.” are some of the many things many of my LGBT have had to hear.

After reaching out to the owner of the store where the incident took place, he was able to pinpoint in his surveillance video the exact time it took place. The owner said he does not condone that type of behavior at his business. As I spoke with the owner he said he doesn’t know the individuals personally but does recognize them. From the video, we can only see one person threaten the victim. He has always spoken with Detroit Police and they are investigating the incident.

IMG_3960The video has since gone, viral and Twitter. The user has not taken it down. The user, who can be seen in the picture to the left, boasted about the incident and said, “he didn’t care.”

According to the owner, there were 4 individuals in a black Ford Escort when the incident occurred. Not one of them tried to stop him. Nothing. They let him terrorize another black man as they stood silent.

Silence is something that the black LGBTQ community is used to now. As we remember the 1 year anniversary of Sandra Bland, conversations of putting your blackness before your sexuality have come up.

Sandra Bland a posted a video before her death on how she felt about businesses being able to discriminate against someone based on their sexuality. Bland said ; she felt being homosexual was a choice. *deep sigh* The video has shone a light on how some individuals do not want true equality and they are seeking privilege. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

So I ask my black brothers in sisters who say we are black before anything else. Let this video sink into your spirit of this man threatening a black man’s life because he was gay.