MediaTakeOut Tries to Expose Dianna from ‘Bring It’ with Old Tea! Gurl Bye!

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A day late and a dollar short! MediaTakeOut tries to spill tea on Dianna Williams about an adult video she did decades ago!



Early this afternoon MediaTakeOut one of the most untrusted sites on the net broke or thumped a story about Dianna Williams doing porn with a video. This tea is old as hell and Coach D had already discussed this on Season 1 of Bring It on the first episode.

Now I and Coach D might not always see eye to eye or teeth to teeth but I wasn’t featuring them trying to break some news on some old tea that Dianna has already admitted to.

It’s no secret that she did star in an adult film but she has turned around and used that to encourage these girls not to follow down the same road. Bring It airs every Friday night 9/8c on Lifetime and you can see her fully clothed on their doing what she does best going off lol. Check out my first Bring It review on the first episode. My have times have changed.



What did you think of MediaTakeOut’s story? Did your phone catch a virus trying to visit the site?