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Miami Spice | Real Housewives of Atlanta S8 EP7

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Chhhhh Real Housewives of Atlanta ep 7 went from talking about golden showers to golden brown trade about to box Kenya Moore.

This was one of the most disgusting episodes I’ve seen on the show in all 8 seasons. To see a man disrespect, a woman like that made me uncomfortable. Glenn Rice Jr was on some ish and I don’t want any parts of it.

glen_rice_jrGlenn snapped at Kandi and asked her did she have an attitude for what reason we don’t know. Kandi brushed it off and took her ass to bed already knowing that this night wasn’t going to end well.

Porsha protected her trade piece and whisked him off the battlefield. At first, it just seemed as if Kenya was just upset that Glenn wasn’t feeling her man-made assets. It was more than that and trade was out of his mind.

Tammi tried to ease the tensions and asked him to leave, but he didn’t. Glenn wanted to know why and when he suspected Kenya had a part to do with it, he called her a “little bitch”. A grown man smh. As I mentioned in a previous post this is what may have cost Tammy her peach.

Tammy tried to stop Glenn but he pushed her ass and she was laid out on the floor.image

Tammi your nephew left you laid out on the floor like you were some dirty panties. Fix it Jesus.

It was too much for my virgin eyes and ears but check out my video RECAP below.